1. What pronouns do you use?

They/Them/Theirs and She/Her/Hers 

2. Where can I purchase signed copies of your books?

I'm happy to sell personalized copies of my paperback books (THE CAMELLIA CLOCK CYCLE, THE ISOLATION TRILOGY, SHADOWS YOU LEFT). Please use my contact form to place an order.

3. Do you travel for school visits and/or for guest appearances at conventions?

I'm located in Central Oregon and I'm available for in-person and Skype school visits - High School through College. I will happily drive to local (Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Madras, La Pine, Sunriver) GSA or other Queer after-school groups for no charge (dependent on my schedule). For out of state or areas outside Central Oregon, please use my contact form to inquire about rates.

I'm happy to visit juvenile detention facilities, alternative educational facilities, and youth continuation programs. 

I will travel for conventions/conferences. Please use my contact form to inquire about rates. 

4. Are you currently accepting blurb requests?

I accept blurb requests for Queer books in the Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult Romance spaces.

5. Can I invite you to participate in a program or event exclusive to women?

If your program or event is not trans-exclusionary and creates space for non-binary and other gender-adjacent guests who might not identify as women, then yes, I would love to hear about your event.  

6. Does your cat really have one tooth?

No, she has a bunch of teeth, but she only has one fang left. 

7. What do you sensitivity read/authenticity read for and what are your rates?

I can sensitivity read for: drug abuse, addiction, chronic pain, disordered eating, self-harm, demisexuality, demiromantic representation, pansexuality, panromantic representation, non-binary and transmasculine representation. Please keep in mind that these are broad descriptors with many intersections. I'm happy to chat about what I can offer privately via my contact form. 

Plot Development Consultation: $100 Flat Rate

45k-50k Words: $250

65k-80k Words: $300

85k+ Words: $375 (prices will reflect word counts accordingly as they increase)

10k Scene: $35 each


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