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Taylor B. Barton



September 15, 2020

What if your deepest wish came with dark consequences?

At the end of Caesar's feline life, he makes a deal with the goddess Zosma to rejoin Ophelia, the girl he loves, for his ninth and final life.

However, waking in the body of seventeen-year-old Austin Price isn't what he anticipates. Neither is Austin's handsome roommate, Cooper—a boy who moves him in unexpected ways. And coming face-to-face with a messy past Austin can't remember living makes being human even harder than he thought.

The chaos and wonder of his ninth life urges Austin to get to know Ophelia on human terms, and sends him stumbling into complicated friendships that might mean more to him than he ever imagined. But his wish has a price, and even as Austin is pulled in two impossible directions, the very heart beating in his chest is on a countdown of its own—a countdown he has no control over.

This is a unique and beautifully written contemporary-fabulist story with romantic and heartbreaking moments, and a strong happy ever after.

Content Warnings: 

Animal Death (and reincarnation)
Depiction of Anxiety
Depiction of Grief (off-page parental death)
Discussion of Drug and Alcohol Use
References to Disordered Eating





HarperTeen Spring/Summer 2021